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Stella Maris
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Dia duit a chara,

Welcome to the website of Stella Maris School! As an independent, classical primary school, devoted to providing an excellent and authentic Catholic education, we aim at helping children to grow into virtuous and wise people who serve God, their families and their communities. It is through knowing, loving and serving God that children flourish and experience fulfillment in their lives. An education centred on Christ, who is Truth and Goodness incarnate, enables children to grow in a natural, happy and purposeful environment. Thank you for visiting our website and please keep Stella Maris School in your prayers. God bless you! 


Authentic Catholic education is vital in our times! A presentation by headmaster, Richard Casey.

A presentation on Stella Maris School, and on the importance of authentic Catholic education, was given recently by the headmaster of Stella Maris School, Richard Casey. In this thoughtful and insightful video, the true nature, and necessity, of Catholic education is discussed. The value of a classical education and its importance for forming wise and virtuous people, is also examined. This video is a must see for parents, grandparents, and for all those interested in classical education! 

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God bless you!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you! May God pour down His graces upon you in 2023, and may Our Lady, The Star of the Sea, guide you always. 

Please see our Christmas concert from 2023 in the attached video. It was a joyous occassion as we celebrated the birth of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ! We hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to like, subscribe and share the video! 

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Official Opening Day!

Stella Maris School held its official opening day on Thursday 27th October, 2022, in its premises, Assumpta House, Windmill Street, Limerick City. The school staff and students were joined by parents, local community members and by others from farther afield. The day was a joyful celebration of Stella Maris School’s mission to provide authentic classical Catholic education to pupils in Limerick and the surrounding areas.

The big event has been covered by some media outlets, also. Please see some of the links below:


Our New Go Fund Me link

Please help provide children with a Christ-centred classical education by donating to Stella Maris School. We believe in teaching children the truth about God, human nature and our purpose in life. This education is vital to renewing the Catholic faith!! 

Our New School Video!

Please take a look at our school's new video! At Stella Maris School, we put Jesus at the centre of our lives and offer an unparalleled education to the youth of Ireland. Please share this video widely!

The Big Day is Almost Upon Us!

It is a very exciting time for Stella Maris School, as we prepare to open the doors of our school to our new students this Monday, 5th September. This new Catholic education project has been started to glorify God, honour Our Lady and to help save souls. We will achieve this by providing an excellent Catholic classical education to the students of Stella Maris School. This school is truly one of a kind in Ireland, and we are delighted with all of the excellent work that has already been completed in order to make this school a reality!

We ask you to keep our school project in our prayers at this most exciting and important time. With the help of God, we will be able to provide a quality Catholic education for many students over the coming years, so these students may then grow up and glorify God by how they live. It is good students, like those attending Stella Maris School, that will help bring Ireland back to the faith in the future. Let us keep praying for one another, let us keep supporting one another and let us keep sacrificing in order to make Stella Maris School a shining light in Irish education!

Enrolments and policies

It is an exciting time at Stella Maris School, with the enrolments of children being made for this coming September! We look forward to embarking on a great new educational venture with these new students, their parents and our teachers.

Our policies are now uploaded under the 'Policies' section of our website. Please view these at your convenience, for important information regarding the running of our school. 

We have some wonderful news regarding new volunteer teachers in our school. Keep up to date with our website to find out more about who these new expert volunteers are! 

God bless you. 

Second Parents' Information Meeting

After a very positive first meeting with parents on the 27th May, a second information meeting for parents was held in Assumpta House on the 4th June at 12pm. This meeting, like the first, was full of interested parents and various other stakeholders.

All members of the Board of Directors spoke at the meeting, with the principal, Mr Richard Casey, providing a presentation on authentic Catholic education, the roots of classical education and the advantages of sending children to Stella Maris School. The presentation was extremely well received by those in attendance, and a question and answer session followed.

Important points regarding policy development, school funding, and recreation were all discussed. The future success of the school was entrusted to Our Lady, who is the patron saint of Stella Maris School. 

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